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Private Travel Vaccinations & Those Free On The NHS

Whenever you leave this country you run the risk that you may get unwell while away. Some vaccinations have to be specially ordered or need to be taken prior to your holiday. Therefore you need to advise us as soon as you are able so that your appointment(s) are booked at a time convenient to you and meet the correct timescale for your vaccinations to take maximum effect. If you contact us within 6 weeks of leaving this country we cannot guarantee that we can obtain the vaccinations and/or have a nurse available to perform the vaccinations. You should also be aware that not all vaccinations are free on the NHS and there are other issues patients should consider. For example, a diabetic person may want to take their medication onto a plane; such medication often includes a needle. However many couriers require a letter from your GP to permit this course of action while others completely refuse such a request.

It makes sense therefore for patients intending to take a holiday where they are likely to need one or more courses of vaccinations to inform us at least 6 weeks before they leave but if possible as early as possible, in case a complete course of vaccine is needed. Ideally this should include:

  • Proposed dates
  • Details of area(s) to be visited (not just the country name; rural or urban, etc.)
  • Type of holiday and accommodation (e.g. hotel, back packing, cruise, etc.)
  • Type of trip (e.g. business, pleasure, etc.)

For travel vaccination advice, the receptionist will book you an appointment with one of the nursing team. They will also agree additional time for other family members but you will not normally be able to book more than 40 minutes in any one clinical session. This means that some of your co-travellers will have different appointment dates and times. However we will always try to minimise any inconvenience to you.

Following your first appointment the clinician will tell you what vaccinations you require. Within a family or group of travellers the specific advice may vary from patient to patient dependent on their personal medical histories.

Please be assured that no fee will be chargeable until you have agreed them in advance. Due to Bank charges we are not able to take debit or credit cards (such as VISA or Mastercard) for payment, but can take cash or cheques supported by a cheque guarantee card so that we can order your vaccines in.

We will invite you to book a follow-up appointment for administration of your travel vaccines. If you have any query regarding this service please telephone the surgery on 023 9282 7132 or speak to a receptionist.

Vaccinations for the following conditions are usually available free on the NHS:

  • Cholera
  • Diphtheria, polio and tetanus booster
  • Hepatitis A (some combined with Hepatitis B)
  • Meningitis C
  • Typhoid

Those vaccines protect against those diseases which are considered to represent the greatest risk to public health if they were brought into this country.

Regardless of whether you have the vaccinations at your GP surgery or at a private travel clinic, you are likely to have to pay for the following vaccinations for overseas travel:

Name of Vaccine Cost
Hepatitis B single injection £35
Hepatitis B course of 3 injections £110
Japanese Encephalitis single injection £75
Japanese Encephalitis course of 2 injections £150
Other Meningitis Vaccines ACWY £50
Rabies course of 3 injections £150
Rabies single booster injection £50
Tick-borne Encephalitis (adult or child) £60
Tuberculosis £77
Yellow Fever: we are not a Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. Not available here.
Malaria £16.50 per private prescription

There is a £5.00 administration fee once your vaccination needs are known and will be shown in your fees breakdown.

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