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Registering with Baffins Surgery

To enable registration we need to ensure that everyone registering is entitled to free NHS treatment and that they live at an address the Practice can physically cover. For these reasons we require two means of identification - firstly something to confirm your identity. Ideally this should be something with a photograph included such as your Driving Licence or Passport. Secondly we need something to confirm your address.This could be a recent (i.e. no older than three months) utility bill, Bank statement, letter from your Solicitors or Landlord confirming the move to your address; regretfully mobile phone bills are not sufficient.

Once we have formally identified the adults living at your address, if you have any children (for this purpose this means any family member aged under 18) we can also register them merely by your providing confirmation of their identity (e.g. Passport, Birth Certificate, etc).

Having completed this formality every person registering is required to complete a GMS1 form. Our receptionists would be happy to provide you with a copy.

Your existing medical records will be sent to us by your previous GP. Despite modern technology this process takes several weeks, occasionally longer. We therefore ask every adult to complete a short medical questionnaire to provide some basic information so we are in a better position to assist should you suffer a problem before these records arrive. We also ask the parent or responsible adult to complete a shortened version of this questionnaire for their children. If you have any problems completing any of this paperwork one of the reception team will be please to assist you.

We also like to offer a "new patient review" with one of our nursing team giving us an opportunity to know your medical situation better. Please value this time as it also offers you the opportunity to raise any medical concerns you may have; if the nurse cannot deal with the problem they will be able to guide you to get the advice you require.

Please also explore this web site which gives further information about the practice. The website is also a link to our on-line appointment booking and a repeat medication option, please ask a receptionist for details of how to register for this service.

The NHS Choices web site provides more information about Baffins Surgery.


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